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UGoDating is unique in its genre. Whether you are looking for friendships or a relationship and want to meet people who share your values and ideas of life then this is the place to be. There are thousands of active members with the unique characteristics that you are looking for. They are all single, from all walks of life and are looking for their special one. is the ideal place to start meeting new people, so why not join and find your ideal match today?

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Have you ever joined a dating website and been disappointed by their match making "formula". A secret formula that men in white coats put together (probably single themselves). Well here at, we have fired those men and put YOU in charge of creating your own chemistry because love hasn't got a formula. We let you discover people at your own pace, and get to know them (chat/audio/video) before you meet up.

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What could be a better way to find love online than by exploring your potential love chemistry with others using a simple local dating internet service? A lot of people balk initially at the idea of finding love online -however it is not nearly as rare as you may think it is. In fact, according to a recent study by online dating giant, 1 in 6 people who get married originally met their significant other online and then started their love chemistry offline.

The fact speaks for themselves! More and more people are signing up to Since you are reading this, you are already trying to convince yourself to try this one, so why don't you.

The great thing about online dating is that you can interact with people from across the world or interact more intimately with a potential partner from your local area. The decision of what you do simply comes down to what you decide is right for your own particular love chemistry.

By choosing to join, you are guaranteed a rich plethora of local dating potential for you. Unlike other services, does not believe in the idea that a computer program with a complex algorithm can decide who you should and should not date. Instead brings old fashion networking and communicating to the new digital age platform of the internet.

When you sign up with us, you will get access to great communication tools that will help ensure your success in finding your potential mate that carries the love chemistry you so desire. Once you login, you can find your dating potentials and then send them an email, a message or a video message where you can literally shoot a "talking head" video describing yourself to the man or woman of your dreams.

Just the idea of video chatting and messaging adds a unique spin of intimacy in this very fast paced digital world. It will help your potential partner get to know you and see if their own love chemistry will work with yours. Along with a few other tools at your disposal thanks, you will have the best chance ever to find love online that can truly make your heart skip a beat. Since is totally free to join, it makes perfect sense why you would choose us to find love online and to explore your love chemistry with your potential partner in a way that no other online dating service truly offers – signup today and get your heart skipping!

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We know first hand how frustrating it can be to look for that special someone. That's why we have created It's fresh, fun and has a new approach to find your ideal match. We hope that you will find your soul mate through our service.

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